Vegan Chocolate Mousse: Avocado vs Tofu

Silken tofu mousse, soft and creamy

I have been playing around with avocado based chocolate mousse for a few months.  It’s rich and smooth, but I found myself adding more and more chocolate, vanilla, and cocoa powder because I didn’t love that little lingering background flavor.  My taste testers didn’t even notice, and a few drops of orange oil or mint extract do a great job of covering it.  I had good success with both Well Plated and Chocolate Covered Katie’s recipes if you’d like to try playing with them, they are super similar.

Just this week I tried a new recipe thanks to Veggiekins.  Very similar ingredients to the avocado recipes, except it replaces the avocado with silken tofu.  I’m so excited, it’s exactly what I was looking for in a vegan mousse!  The taste reminds me of my favorite chocolate soy milk (Silk) because it’s creamier and more milk chocolate than the avocado based recipes.  The texture is a little softer and it doesn’t get as solid as my editions of avocado based mousses.  When it first comes out of the food processor, it’s very soft but it does firm up a bit in the fridge.  One of my taste testers says it’s a pudding texture.  I think it’s between pudding and mousse, not as wet and heavy as a pudding but not as fluffy as a true mousse.

Silken Tofu Mousse

Ok, so comparison from my perspective:

Avocado Mousse

  • Darker, Intensely Chocolatey
  • Thicker, more like a frosting once refrigerated (It would probably work very well as a frosting!)
  • Smooth, rich mouth feel

Silken Tofu Mousse

  • Milk Chocolatey
  • Lighter, softer texture
  • Soft mouth feel, creamier
  • Extra bonus, a little protein

Both are super easy and quick to make with a food processor.  I was keeping these fully vegan so the chocolate was generally in the 70% range but if you do well eating milk chocolate, you should be able to trade for melted milk chocolate and get a creamier, less dark chocolate flavor with the avocado recipe!

Silken Tofu Mousse

Nutrition Thoughts

Avocado.  Elephant in the room, obviously we’re talking about a lot of fat.  These are almost entirely unsaturated fats that can help lower your LDL or “bad” cholesterol.  Avocado also has vitamin K, folate, some vitamin C (and no heat to damage it!), and a few other micronutrients, including a bit of vitamin E.

Silken Tofu.  Due to the higher water content, silken tofu doesn’t have as much protein, but it still comes in around 4 grams per serving.  Lower in fat than the avocado recipes, again it is still mostly unsaturated.  If calcium set, your tofu will also offer a boost in calcium intake as well as some magnesium and selenium.

Dark Chocolate.  If you are caffeine sensitive, go easy on this recipe, sleep is important for wellbeing!  Dark chocolate is rich in fiber (which surprises me every time), magnesium, copper, manganese, and iron.  It has a few antioxidants and some other minerals as well, but also some sugar so don’t over do it.

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